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Felt Applications/Solutions

Steel Wiping Felt

Sutherland Felt Co. is a leading supplier of felt to the steel wiping industry. We offer roll goods and cut to size parts from a variety of high-density polyester felt. We offer a quick turnaround, and can rush orders as necessary. Here is a table of commonly stocked steel wiping felt:

Steel Wiping Felt
Item Width Thickness
32oz. white polyester 72" 1/8"
48oz. white polyester 72" 1/4"
64oz. white polyester 72" 1/4"
80oz. white polyester 72" 3/8"
F-1 Wool Felt 60" 1"
F-1 Wool Felt 60" 3/4"
F-3 Wool Felt 60" 3/4"

We can also custom manufacture a felt material to your specifications. Lead-time is normally 4-5 weeks for customer manufactured material (minimum order applies).

Anti-Squeak/Anti-Rattle Felt

Anti-squeak & rattle felt is also refered to as BSR (buzz, squeak, and rattle) felt. Normally this is a thin gauge polyester felt material, supplied either in rolls with adhesive (PSA) or as cut parts. Parts are commonly kiss cut on an adhesive backed roll. Sutherland is a leading supplier of black & white anti-squeak & rattle felt to both converters and end users. We make this material 60" wide, with widths ranging from .5mm to 5mm thick. Here is a table of commonly stocked ant-squeak/anti-rattle felt:

Anti-Squeak/Anti-Rattle Felt
Product Thickness Weight (Oz. Per Sq. Yd.) Roll Width
PP-.35-60 - Black .35mm 2 Oz. 63"
PP-.5-60 - Black .5mm 4.1 Oz. 60"
PE-7.5-60 - Black 1mm 7.5 Oz. 60"
PE-7.5-60 - White 1mm 7.5 Oz. 60"
PE-11.50-60 - Black 1.5mm 11.5 Oz. 60"
PE-15-60 - Black 2mm 15 Oz. 60"
PE-15-72 - Black 2mm 15 Oz. 72"
PE-15-60 - White 2mm 15 Oz. 60"
50/50 NBF - Black Wool Blend 2mm 15 Oz. 60"
PE-23-60 - Black 3mm 23 Oz. 60"
PE-25-60 - Black 4mm 25 Oz. 60"
PE-30-54 - Black 5mm 30 Oz. 54"
PE-34-60 - Black 1/4" 34 Oz. 60"
PE-48-60 - Black 1/4" 48 Oz. 60"

Felt Squeegees for Sign, Graphics, and Automotive Industries

Sutherland Felt Company is a leading producer of dense felt squeegees for the sign and graphics industry and automotive industry. Felt squeegees are used to apply digital prints or specialty vinyl. Does not scratch or mar the printed surface. Made from super clean high-density sheet felt.

Felt squeegees can be supplied plain (no print), or with a one, two, or three color logo, graphic, or phone number. Nominal setup (screen) charge applies to printed squeegees. Felt squeegees are normally made 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" thick, though custom thicknesses are also available. Here is a table of commonly stocked felt squeegee sizes (custom sizes are also available):

Felt Squeegees for Sign, Graphics, and Automotive Industries
Commonly Stocked Felt Squeegee Sizes
2.5" radius - half moon
2.75" X 4" rectangle
2.5" X 1.25" rectangle
2.5" X 2.5" square
3" X 3" square
3" X 6" rectangle
3" X 6" rectangle w/ double bevel edges

Display & Exhibit Crate Lining Felt

Plain or adhesive backed crate lining felt is used to line crates and protect valuable exhibit and trade show displays. Sutherland has been a leading producer of crate lining felt for over 50 years. This is a white polyester felt, and can be slit to any width from 1/2" to 54". Common thicknesses are 1/8" and 1/4". There are 100 ft. on 1/8" thick rolls and 50ft. on 1/4" thick rolls. Call for pricing!

Display & Exhibit Crate Lining Felt

Floor Protection Felt

Sutherland Felt Company has developed a super dense polyester product for floor protection applications. This is a widely used product in educational institutions and in the furniture industry. This material can be sold by the sheet or cut into finished parts - 1"-2" diameter circles are very common. It is normally supplied with a high strength rubber based PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive - peel n stick). This is a grey/black material and is made 1/8" and 1/4" thick.

Floor Protection Felt

Special Orders normally require a 3-4 week lead time and a manufacturing minimum. Items designated as in-stock are normally inventoried, but may occasionally be in the process of being produced, thus requiring a 3-4 week lead time.