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Converting Capabilities

Die Cutting

Sutherland has various die cutting capabilities:

  • Narrow-Web, High SpeedDie Cutting
  • For material widths up to 12", this is an excellent choice for high volume die cutting. Sutherland can kiss cut on these machines as well as through cut on a belt feed system. Larger rolls widths can be slit down to run on these machines.
  • Travel Head
  • This is a programmable press that handles material up to 60" wide. The head of this 40 ton press is 20" X 20". Material is fed by pinch rollers, after the horizontal and vertical "travel" are programmed into the machine. This runs automatically, and the operator strips the parts from the webbing as the material feeds off the press. This machine also has a center cavity suction system, which allows us to very efficiently cut washers and other parts where holes or centers need to be removed.
  • Automatic Beam
  • This beam press allows for steel rule dies up to 30" X 70" This has a programmable travel and automatic mode, which is excellent for high volume large parts.
  • Clicker
  • Sutherland Felt has numerous clicker presses, which are excellent for small volume die cuts. These machines allow for fast setup, and are primarily used for quantities of less than 500 pcs.

Kiss Cutting

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting involves die cutting adhesive backed material, and cutting through the material, but not the adhesive. Kiss cut felt is normally supplied on a roll, and ran on Sutherland’s narrow-web, high-speed presses. For larger dies, the automatic beam press allows us to kiss cut large parts. Sutherland Felt is a leading supplier and fabricator of kiss cut felt parts to the automotive industry.

Adhesive Coating

This system allows us to laminate heat-activated and cold bonding adhesive products to virtually any type of felt. Sutherland Felt can apply up to 400 degrees F to adhesive before driving it into the felt with a programmed driven pinch rollers. We can also slit material in line after applying adhesive. Need an automotive grade adhesive? Sutherland stocks adhesive that meets the following automotive specifications:

Daimler Chrysler General Motors Ford
MS-CC211 GM 3607M Type I & Type II ESH-M11P19-B
MS-CC235 GM 3622M Type IV ESB-M3G76-B1/B2

GM 3602 ESH-M11P19-A

Roll Slitting

Roll SlittingRoll SlittingSutherland has a computerized roll slitting system that can slit material to .625" wide. For widths narrower than less than .625", we have a rotary knife slitting machine that can slit down to 1/8" widths.


Sutherland can treat any felt with the following:

  • Mil-F-2312
  • No-Burn fire retardant

Call for detailed, specifications, and special pricing.

Special Orders normally require a 3-4 week lead time and a manufacturing minimum. Items designated as in-stock are normally inventoried, but may occasionally be in the process of being produced, thus requiring a 3-4 week lead time.