Sutherland Felt Co. is a leading supplier of felt to the automotive industry. We stock tens of thousands of yards of anti-squeak/rattle felt, in a variety of density and thickness combinations. Anti-Squeak & Rattle felt is normally a thin gauge polyester supplied either in rolls with or without adhesive (PSA) or as cut parts. Sutherland is a leading supplier of black & white anti-squeak & rattle felt both converters and end users. We make this material in various widths, and thicknesses ranging from .5mm to 6mm thick.


Our 100% recycled shoddy felt is stocked in 3mm and 10mm thicknesses, and can be custom manufactured to a wide variety of thickness/density combinations. This low cost material is used in door panels, trunk liners, and instrument control padding.

Sutherland is an authorized 3M adhesive distributor and we stock a variety of transfer adhesive from manufactures such as Avery, 3F, JDC Coatings, CCT, and Sekisui. These adhesives can be laminated to any of our materials, and supplied in full width logs or as slit, press ready rolls.

Commonly Stocked Anti-Squeak / Anti-Rattle Felt

Commonly Stocked Anti-Squeak / Anti-Rattle Felt

ProductThicknesWeight (oz. per sq. yd.)Roll Width (inches)
PP-.35-60 - Black.35mm260
PP-.5-60 - Black.5mm4.160
PE-7.5-60 - Black1mm7.560
PE-7.5-60 - White1mm7.560
PE-11.5-60 - Black1.5mm11.560
PE-15-60 - Black2mm1560
PE-15-72 - Black2mm1572
PE-15-60 - White2mm1560
50/50 NBF - Black Wool Blend2mm1560
PE-23-60 - Black3mm2360
PE-25-60 - Black4mm2560
PE-30-54 - Black5mm3054
PE-34-60 - Black1/4"3460
PE-48-60 - Black1/4"4860
Above material is available with or without automotive grade adhesive (PSA)
Special Orders normally require a 3-4 week lead time and a manufacturing minimum. Items designated as in-stock are normally inventoried, but may occasionally be in the process of being produced, thus requiring a 3-4 week lead time.