Sutherland Felt Co. is a leading supplier of material and cut to size pieces to the saddle pad industry. We also sell pad liners in either 100% wool or polyester.

Wool felt is super absorbent, and an excellent choice for saddle pads. The wool fiber wicks moisture from the horses back body, leaving him/her cool & dry. Wool felt is a natural insulator, so it will keep your animal cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We also custom mfg specific widths for numerous equestrian customers. Call for details!

Commonly Stocked Saddle Pad Material

F-11 - 100% WoolGrey1/2"
F-11 - 100% WoolGrey3/4"
F-11 - 100% WoolGrey1"
F-15N 50/50 Wool BlendDark Grey1/2"
F-15N 50/50 Wool BlendDark Grey3/4"
F-15N 50/50 Wool BlendDark Grey1"
F-10 - 100% WoolCream/White1/2"
F-10 - 100% WoolCream/White3/4"
F-10 - 100% WoolCream/White1"
F-10 - 100% Black woolBlack1/2"
F-10 - 100% Black woolBlack3/4"
F-10 - 100% Black woolBlack1"

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