Polyester Felt & Anti-Squeak Felt

Anti-Squeak/Anti-Rattle Felt

Commonly Stocked Anti-Squeak/Anti-Rattle Felt

ProductThicknessWeight (Oz. Per Sq. Yd.)GSM (grams per sq mtr)Roll Width
PP-.35-60 - Black.35mm2 Oz.6860"
PP-.35-60 - White.35mm2 Oz.6860"
PP-.5-60 - Black.5mm4.1 Oz.13960"
PE-03-020-60 - Black.5mm3 Oz.10060"
PE-03-020-60 - White.5mm3 Oz.10060"
PE-6.5-60 - Black1mm6 Oz.20060"
PE-6.5-60 - White1mm6 Oz.20060"
PE-11.50-60 - Black1.5mm10 Oz.34060"
PE-11-070 - White1.5mm11 Oz.37360"
PE-15-60 - Black2mm11.8 Oz.40060"
PE-500-60 - Black2mm14.75 Oz.50060"
PE-23-60 - Black3mm19.2 Oz.65060"
PE-23-60 - Black3mm19.2 Oz.65072"
5050-B Black Wool Blend1.2mm6 Oz.20060"
7030-B Black Wool Blend1.2mm6 Oz.20060"
50/50 NBF - Black Wool Blend2.2mm22 Oz.74760"
50/50 Bico/Poly Blend2.5mm17.7 Oz.60060"
PE-25-60 - Black4mm23 Oz.78060"
PE-30-60 - Black5mm29.5 Oz100060"
PE-34-60 - Black1/4"34 Oz.115460"
PE-48-60 - Black1/4"48 Oz.162860"
Above material is available with or without automotive grade adhesive (PSA).
Special Orders normally require a 3-4 week lead time and a manufacturing minimum. Items designated as in-stock are normally inventoried, but may occasionally be in the process of being produced, thus requiring a 3-4 week lead time.

Polyester Felt

Commonly Stocked Polyester Felt

(Oz. Per Sq. Yd.)
GSM (grams per sq mtr)Roll Width
PE-03-020-60 - White.5mm3 Oz.10060"
PE-6.5-60 - White1mm6 Oz.20060"
PE-11-070 - White1.5mm11 Oz.37360"
PE-15-60 - White2mm11.8 Oz.40060"
PE-8-60 - White3mm8 Oz.27160"
16-125PE3.18mm16 Oz.54354"
24-125PE3.18mm24 Oz.81460"
32-125PE3.18mm32 Oz.108560"
22-187PE4.76mm22 Oz.74672"
48-187PE4.76mm48 Oz.162872"
24-250PE6.35mm24 Oz.81454"
32-250PE6.35mm32 Oz.108572"
64-250PE6.35mm64 Oz.217072"
42-375PE9.52mm42 Oz.142472"
80-375PE9.52mm80 Oz.271372"
90-375PE9.52mm90 Oz.305272"
50-500PE12.7mm50 Oz.169672"

Buying Tips:
  • Wool Felt is a natural material and color/shade variation exists in the color of the raw wool
  • Industrial felt is not guaranteed to be 100% free of wrinkles/blemishes, as those are a natural product of the manufacturing process.
  • Direct inquiries to Sutherland Felt Co. are subject to a $100 minimum order. Please feel free to call for pricing. Lower minimums as well as close outs can be found at our online store – www.thefeltcompany.com
  • Special orders normally require a 3-4 week lead time and a manufacturing minimum. Items designated as in-stock normally ship within 24 hours.