Stiff Felt

Stiff Felt

  • Firm polyester sheets made from low melt fiber
  • 48″ X 60″ sheets (custom sheet sizes available)
  • Available cut to size – in any diameter, with or without adhesive backing
  • Custom sizes and densities available
stiff felt
stiff felt
stiff felt

Stiff Felt Uses

  • Floor protection
  • Spacers
  • Cutting table surfaces
  • Pin boards
  • Steel wiping

Made from polyester felt with low melt fibers, our Stiff-Felt lives up to its name. Fibers are blended, cross-lapped, needle punched, then pressed with heat. This heat pressing activities the low melt fibers, resulting in a stiff, board like feel. Choose from 1/8″ (.125″) thick – 32 oz. sq/yd felt or ¼” (.250″) thick – 59 oz. sq/yd felt. Sheets are 48″ X 60″.

Sutherland Felt Co. is also a leading producer of custom blended polyester, bico, and low melt materials. Sutherland custom manufacturers a wide array of stiff felt and moldable felt for the automotive, furniture, and appliance markets. Call a Sutherland Felt sales rep today to discuss your specific needs and application.

stiff felt

Commonly stocked stiff felt and low melt felt materials at Sutherland Felt Co:

PE-F-32125-48 Low Melt Black Poly.125"48" X 60"
PE-F-59230-48 Low Melt Black Poly.23"48" X 60"
PE-F-19070-72 White PE Felt W/ Tarlin.070"72" X 60"
67-375PE-T White PE Felt W/ Tarlin.375"54" X 72"
PE 382179 600GSM Dark Grey Bi-Co Felt2.5mm60" wide x 50 yard rolls
Stiffened Chenille Felt -black.060"60" wide x 100 yard rolls
PE 9190640072 PE Low Melt - Blue Poly.110"72" wide x 50 yard rolls
PE 9190640073 PE Low Melt - Black Poly.110"72" wide x 50 yard rolls

Buying Tips:

  • Industrial felt is not guaranteed to be 100% free of wrinkles/blemishes, as those are a natural product of the manufacturing process.
  • Direct inquiries to Sutherland Felt Co. are subject to a $100 minimum order. Please feel free to call for pricing. Lower minimums as well as close outs can be found at our online store –
  • Special orders normally require a 3-4 week lead time and a manufacturing minimum. Items designated as in-stock normally ship within 24 hours.