CNC Cutting Pads

CNC Cutting Pads

Sutherland Felt Company provides sacrificial cutting pads/mats for most flatbed CNC, Vinyl Cutters, and XY Cutters.

Reasons to Choose Tuf-Cut:

  • The heat set material is breathable yet very durable for most rigorous cutting operations.
  • The uniform thickness range throughout the cutting pad makes it easier for dialing in the depth of your cut.
  • Save $ on freight as material is flexible so pads can be packaged in rolls.
  • Sutherland can supply in custom sizes or rolls.
  • Low cost alternative to the overpriced OEM pads.
cnc cutting pads
cnc cutting pads

Buying Tips:

  • Industrial felt is not guaranteed to be 100% free of wrinkles/blemishes, as those are a natural product of the manufacturing process.
  • Direct inquiries to Sutherland Felt Co. are subject to a $100 minimum order. Please feel free to call for pricing. Lower minimums as well as close outs can be found at our online store –
  • Special orders normally require a 3-4 week lead time and a manufacturing minimum. Items designated as in-stock normally ship within 24 hours.
cnc cutting pads

Commonly Stocked Sacrificial Pad Sizes

5’ X 10’ X .110”
6’ X 10’ X .110”
4’ X 5’ X .125”
4’ X 5’ X .250”

Custom sizes and shapes available – call or email your Sutherland Felt sales rep for a sample, to place an order, or for additional details.

Call: 248-280-0450


cnc cutting pads